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Vuronyx Technologies - Partners

Vuronyx Technologies is an early stage startup company based in Greater Boston area. We are focused on commercialization of novel material science based technologies and products. Our team consists of PhD scientists from aerospace, defense, and clean-tech industries. We also leverage resources and facilities located at world class institutions in Cambridge and Boston. To commercialize our innovations, we collaborate with various private sector enterprises and federal agencies. Some our recent and ongoing partners include:

Government and Private Sector Partners

We work with both government agencies and the private sector to deliver innovative material science based technologies that have practical applications, and a clear commercial value.

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100% Eco-Friendly Solutions

Vuronyx Technologies emphasizes green, sustainable projects that have a positive societal impact. For instance, a current project involves low cost carbon fiber that reduces GHG emissions.

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Innovative and Practical Research

Our research is focused on 'Practical Innovation'. We use tried and tested material science concepts to engineer cutting edge products, both consumer and business facing.

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Tech-Forward Procedures

Vuronyx Technologies leverages the power of the digital age, utilizing the best talent in the tech industy to ensure our products and services are relevant in emerging markets.

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Wet Chemical Laboratories

We lease wet laboratory space in Woburn, MA, less than 10 miles from Harvard, MIT, and UMass Lowell. In addition to extensively utilizing fabrication and characterization expertise available in these universities, we also work with machine shops, scientific characterization facilities, and engineering consultancy firms located near our laboratory.