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August 1, 2022:
Vuronyx Technologies is excited to collaborate with Prof. Sili Deng at Massachussetts Institute of Technology to develop next generation of lithium ion cathode materials. Our team has been selected for a Phase 1 SBIR award by Dept of Energy. The technology uses a novel spray pyrolysis process developed at MIT. As part of the Phase 1 SBIR grant from DoE, we hope to scale up the process, and ultimately commercialize it.

August 29, 2022:
Vuronyx Technologies is pleased to announce that we have sold our water desalination technology to a water purification company. The technology was developed as part of Phase III SBIR grant from NASA, and was meant to purify spacecraft wastewater. The ability to successfully sell a technology demonstrates the business model of Vuronyx Technologies as an innovation and research company.